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GP14 125cc Shifter Innisfil Kart Club promotes the KartSport 125cc Shifter Jr & Sr Class ...visit CKC 2016 Kart Number Reservation to see the Challengers already registered. GP Karts are available for Lease or Purchase thru Innisfil Indy Karting the track @ 905-775-4686 or email for further Information

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2016 CANADIAN KARTING CHALLENGE DETAILS AND AWARDS ANNOUNCED ..CKC is pleased to announce the series will return to the fast and challenging Shannonville Motorsport Park in 2016. IKC/CKC Members Registered

2016 Banquet Press Release ... CANADIAN KARTING CHALLENGE CELEBRATES THE SEASON AT YEAR-END BANQUET ..Anyone got pictures or stories about the 2016 IKC/CKC Banquet to share with us? ..this link still comes back here while we build the special section for it !!

Zack Meyer on Summer SportZone ..Rogers TV reporter Bryce Turner is in the pits interviewing up-and-coming Indy Lights race car driver and Toronto-native Zack Meyer. Coming Soon ...more links to Albums and News


2016 Innisfil KartClub

As we prepare for the 2016 IKC Championship Season we will be enhancing this website and offering some exciting new features. One-on-One with Tony Launi our patriarch ... (November 11, 2016 - original article from 2011 being reconstructed)

Press releases will be published on the major Karting News Sites CKN, EKN...
Please feel free to contact us at or Rosa/Tony @ 905-775-4686 One-on-One: Tony Launi of Northern Ontario Karting Championship By Jeff Grist for In the winter most of us think skiing as we are heading up Highway 400. A good friend once said: “You know you are racing in Canada when you pass ski hills on the way to the track.” When you do get to Innisfil Indy, just a few minutes off the highway, you enter a place where the karting is great and family fun is on top of the menu. And speaking of menu, we can’t talk about Innisfil Indy without wetting everyone’s appetite by mentioning Rose Launi’s famous veal sandwich. Always a hit among all visitors, it may be just as popular as the racing on the smooth 10-turn kart track that is home to the Innisfil Kart Club. In a 2008 article I wrote (and what writer isn’t their own biggest fan), “With over 35 years of history packed into the rolling paddock, this little track has produced many great races, racers and most of all memories. The heart and soul of the Launi Family is poured into every corner of the facility where family patriarch Tony can be found making sure everything is just right. With over 37 years of karting experience in Canada, Launi has seen, experienced and been part of the karting community we call home today. It’s easy to forget that before big trailers and trick sticker kits there was a basic passion for racing. A passion that pushed blood through the veins of those caught up in the excitement of speed and competition that could be captured in the back of your pick up truck.” Never one to stand still, facility owner Tony Launi has some big plans for 2011 with the creation of the new Northern Ontario Karting Championship. Hosted by Innisfil Kart Club, the NOKC 2011 events are Rotax Max Challenge qualifying events and will run as part of the Innisfil Kart Club schedule. Drivers wishing to qualify for the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Nationals must compete in at least three qualifying events before August 1, 2011. The NOKC events will compete under RMC regulations, and all NOKC events will offer the full compliment of Rotax classes including Rotax DD2, Rotax Senior, Rotax Junior, Rotax Mini Max and Rotax Micro Max.

The heart and soul of the Launi Family, Tony Launi has more than 37 years experience in the world of karting (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media) The heart and soul of the Launi Family, Tony Launi has more than 37 years experience in the world of karting (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media) Fan favorite and son of Tony Launi, Frank Launi was the 2009 Canadian National Champion in Rotax DD2 (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media) Fan favorite and son of Tony Launi, Frank Launi was the 2009 Canadian National Champion in Rotax DD2 (Photo: Cody Schindel - Autosports Media)

We took some time to connect with Tony and here is what he had to say. Tony, thanks for taking some time to chat with our readers. There is lots of snow on the ground still, but some big are things going on for 2011. What is new at the track? Tony Launi: We spent the big money last year. The entire track has been paved and all the work is done. The curbing is perfect. How come you have not come by to see the track? Yes, my bad. I will definitely be there this summer to check things out. You are launching a new series this season, The Northern Ontario Karting Championship. Why should I want to race that? TL: It’s going to be a great series because it comes from the club. We are a Rotax Max qualifier so you can get to the Nationals from here. And we have some great prizes. Everyone loves prizes. Tell me about these prizes. TL: We sweetened the pot by adding to the two previously announced Bridgestone Cup prizes. One senior and one junior will be awarded a free ride courtesy of Innisfil Indy as part of the NOKC champion's awards. We want to be able to offer one senior and one junior of the NOKC a substantial prize for winning the series. These two drivers will join the two drivers that win the prizes with the Innisfil Kart Club. So let me get this straight. Innisfil Indy is sending four drivers to the Bridgestone Cup. Where is the race taking place in 2011 and when? TL: October 21 to 23 in South Garda, Italy. Not too far from Milano. Joe went there last year. Really nice. Now it’s part of the Innisfil Kart Club schedule. How will that work? TL: We are making six of the club weekends NOKC races with four of them before August. This will give drivers a chance to get the three races they need to qualify for the Nationals. Many drivers don’t realize that your three races have to be from the same series. You can’t cherry pick among the series for your three qualifying races. And we are doing a couple of races at Mosport and one at Goodwood. As part of the club I can’t imagine it will be all Rotax. TL: No, we will have some four-cycle classes as well. Now you have put up some amazing prizes for the Rotax winners, what about the hard working four-cycle guys. TL: I am working on some stuff right now. I am looking to make a BIG prize available to the four-cycle guys. We will have cash prizes for four-cycle every week for them. I think the racing is going to be great. Now I’m from the Niagara area and don’t usually think of the Barrie area as Northern Ontario. The folks in Thunder Bay might have something to say about that. Anyway, why start another karting series here in Ontario? TL: Not all the people can afford to go to the big races. We have something that is based on the club. It will be good for some of the less experienced drivers. And it will be cheaper than the big races. This way everyone can be able to go to the Nationals in Mont Tremblant. We can’t chat without talking about Frankie. Everyone wants to know what he is up to. As one of the most exciting and talented drivers of the past decade he is definitely the fan favorite. TL: Right now Frankie is not racing. He is working with a number of our drivers here and will help with coaching and tuning. But it’s Frankie so you never know. One weekend he just may end up in the kart. Do journalists get a special discount on veal sandwiches? TL: No. You pay extra. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us about the upcoming season. The new series sounds great. Best of luck. TL: No problem. And I better see you here this summer.

2016 Innisfil KartClub Championship

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Innisfil KartClub
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Membership Information

IKC 2017 Membership Application

**Note: ASN Canada FIA age restriction for a Club Licence is by calendar year. ...For example, for the 2017 karting season if you have your eighth birthday on or before December 31st, 2017 you can get your KartSport  "E"  licence within the age restriction 8-11 years.

Kartsport Physical / Medical Self-Declaration

All Licence applicants 50 years of age and older are required every two years to pass a medical examination by a physician. IKC-CKC KartSport Rules 2016 2017 ASN Canadian FIA Karting Sporting Regulations (Book 1) 2017 ASN Canadian FIA Karting Technical Regulations (Book 2) ASN 2017 Briggs & Stratton – Regulations 2017 125cc Open Shifter Regulations.pdf

Sunday July 30, 2017 CKC #4/ Vega Cup #3 MOSPORT – SKC

Sunday July 30, 2017 is the fourth race of the CKC series and the third of the Vega Cup series... please review the Junior, Senior and Masters 125 CC Open Shifter Supplementary Regulations

SHANNONVILLE Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th 2017


Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th 2017

***Shannonville Race Weekend Special***

Practice + Saturday Race Entry + Sunday Race Entry = Free Field Parking OR $25 Off Grandstand Parking Total: $375 Field Parking Total: $425 Grandstand Parking Offer Expires: July 8, 2017


FRIDAY AUGUST 4th, 2017 TIME: 9am to 5pm Rate: $75

**CKC RACE #5/ IKC #9: SATURDAY AUGUST 5th, 2017**

Registration: 7:30am to 8:30am Entry Fee: $150 Field Parking: $30 Grandstand Parking: $75 Spec Fuel: Village Variety Gas Station - Corner of Hwy 2 in Shannonville (Shifters Run VP Fuel available through Tony Launi) Track configuration: Go-Kart Track Driver’s Meeting: 8:45am Practice: 9am Qualifying: 10am Camping on Site Available, please contact Shannonville Motorsports Park for more information. Please SEND Registration Forms and Bank Payment by email to

**CKC #6/ VEGA CUP #4: SUNDAY AUGUST 6th, 2017**

Registration: 7:30am to 8:30am Entry Fee: $150 Field Parking: $30 Grandstand Parking: $75 Spec Fuel: Village Variety Gas Station - Corner of Hwy 2 in Shannonville (Shifters Run VP Fuel available through Tony Launi) Track configuration: Go-Kart Track Driver’s Meeting: 8:45am Practice: 9am Qualifying: 10am Camping on Site Available, please contact Shannonville Motorsports Park for more information. Please SEND Registration Forms and Bank Payment by email to

Club Races

Sunday July 16, 2017 IKC #8 INNISFIL - SKC LAYOUT 2 Sunday July 30, 2017 CKC #4/ Vega Cup #3 MOSPORT – SKC TBA Saturday Aug 5, 2017 CKC #5/ IKC #9 SHANNONVILLE – SKC/TKC NELSON Sunday August 6, 2017 CKC #6/ Vega Cup #4 SHANNONVILLE – SKC/TKC NELSON Sunday August 13, 2017 IKC #10 INNISFIL - SKC TBA 2017 IKC & CKC RACE SCHEDULE RACE #4 – Sunday July 30, 2017 - VEGA Cup & CKC @ MOSPORT RACE #5 – Saturday Aug 5, 2017 - CKC & IKC Pnts @ SHANNONVILLE* RACE #6 – Sunday Aug 6, 2017 - CKC & VEGA Cup @ SHANNONVILLE* RACE #7 – Sunday Sept 17, 2017 - CKC & IKC Pnts @ INNISFIL *Friday August 4, 2017 PRACTICE 9 AM–5 PM SHANNONVILLE – SKC/TKC NELSON *Shannonville Motorsports Park 7047 Old Highway #2, Shannonville 613-969-8938 *Spec Fuel Station: Village Variety 5717 Old Hwy 2 & York Rd, Shannonville

June 11, 2017 Vega Cup News Results posted on MYLAPS" CKC Race #3 / Vega Cup Race #2 will be Saturday July 8, 2017 @MOSPORT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Prepared by: Race Tech Development Date: June 16, 2017 ________________________________________


June 16, 2017 - Hosted by Innisfil Indy, round two of the Canadian Karting Challenge (CKC) was held June 11 and saw a great day of competitive racing. Also featuring the debut of the Vega Cup for shifter classes, drivers took to the challenging Launi MindBender Uphill layout amid the fun and gracious hospitality of the Innisfil facility. "It was a great day with heavy, competitive racing, and lots of bumping and grinding to get to the front of the pack," explains Innsifil's Tony Launi. "Innisfil has maintained a shifter following for the last six years, and we have seen continued growth in Junior, Senior and Masters. Shifters never left Ontario, and I am glad to see a shifter-specific series in the Vega Cup come to fruition through Daniel DiLeo's and my vision to continue to grow shifter classes throughout the region." In TM KZ Junior, Simone Masini and Stefano Lucente battled for the win, with Masini coming out the victor. Nicky Palladino completed the podium. Gianluca Savaglio placed first in the ROK Junior category, which ran combined with the junior shifters. TM KZ Senior saw Marco DiLeo (Intrepid) come out on top of a solid field, with drivers getting to know the light system after three failed starts. Zachary Shearer (GP Kart) claimed second place honors for Vega Cup #1, while Frank Launi went from last to third to complete the podium. Running in the combined class with the senior shifters, ROK Senior first place went to Ethan Simioni, followed by Davide Greco in second and Joshua Conquer in third. Jimmy Lo took top honors in TM KZ Master, with Tony Demarco and Daniel Uruena completing the podium. In Briggs classes, Zachary Vanier came out on top in Novice/Junior Briggs, followed by Jac Young and Owyn Thomas. Vassil Tchiplakov and Eli Yanko placed first respectively in the combined Senior/Master Briggs category. And in Micro Max, Joseph Launi topped with podium with Antonio Ferrari second and Jordan Smith third. "We enjoyed having everyone here for our CKC Race #2 and Vega Cup #1," continues Launi. "We had lots of attendees that commented on our facility and how much they enjoyed it. We hope to see even more drivers out for our next event, July 8 at Mosport for both Canadian Karting Challenge and Vega Cup. We have a lot of amazing prizes on the line for our series drivers!" CKC prizes include:

Briggs Classes

• Points leader of the six races for Jr. Briggs, Sr. Briggs and Master Briggs will receive a FREE RIDE and REGISTRATION to the 2017 Canadian Nationals at Mosport Kartways August 23-27.

Shifter Classes

• TM KZ Junior winner of the six races for will receive the option for a RIDE to the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals in Las Vegas Nevada November 15-19 or a free TM Engine. • TM KZ Senior winner will receive a RIDE to SuperNationals in Las Vegas this November or the CIK-FIA World Karting Championship in Wackersdorf, Germany September 7-10. • TM KZ Master Points Leader will receive REGISTRATION to Canadian Nationals at Mosport. Finally, a special thank you is extended to Steve Auger and Josh Munn for doing running Tech, Emilo Bonifazi for Grid, Paul Harlow the Race Director, Roy Monteiro for taking the time to take some amazing photos of the drivers as well as everyone else who makes the series events possible. Also, a big thank you to event sponsor Andrea Masini & Ultra Coat Industries for race and drivers lunch. The CKC is thankful for your gracious contributions to the series and value you tremendously as a partner. For more information the Innisfil Kart Club and the Canadian Karting Challenge, email, call 905-775-4686 or visit For information on press releases or other media services offered by Race Tech Development, please contact Mike Maurini via e-mail at or 317.270.8723. Race Tech Development can also be found on Twitter at @RaceTechDvlp as well as Facebook at their Race Tech Development Fan Page.